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Why Choose Bendigo Audio Visual
Bendigo Audio Visual Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated company where it's staff love what they do. This has a flow on effect to you, the customer, that we pride ourselves on getting the job done right and to a very high standard. On time, the first time.

Investing in Audio Visual Equipment needs to be carried out correctly so that you are getting value for money and a complete system that is suited for your needs for now and also allowing for upgrade in the future.

Please take the time to see below why Bendigo Audio Visual can offer you a complete Audio Visual needs for your new Audio Visual project. All these little extras can help confirm you are making the right decision with Bendigo Audio Visual. See how we can help you with Completing Your Vision.

Effective Support right from the Start
We have a prompt phone support network with the one number 1300 987 738. Should you require emergency after hours support you have the option to contact a technician on this number. Once most jobs are commissioned we can normally help you trouble shoot problems over the phone.

In an Easy to understand language
When purchasing a new Audio Visual System you want it to be easy to understand and user friendly. With Bendigo Audio Visual this process begins with our easy to understand quoting system. We are always ready to assist with further questions should the need arise, and supply you with extra information as needed.

For larger systems we also offer a main system rack design. So there are no surprises when you get in to operate the system. We have the support of a range of suppliers to help make informed decisions of the latest, but most importantly, best equipment for your needs.

Getting the job done right
Once you have decided on the system that will suit your needs. We will arrange a timeline to get the system installed with minimal impact to the daily operation of your organization.

To ensure that this process is achievable in the best possible way, the following are some of guide lines which we work by:
+ Building and programming of as much of the system off site as possible.
+ Using correct safety equipment around work site and adhering to OHS rules and regulations.
+ Planning to install equipment in full days to minimize your organizations down time and saves you money.
+ Communicating with the customer to ensure work is completed on time and notice of any delays which may occur.
+ Our Installation technicians will even clean up after themselves.

Your Business is Remembered
At Bendigo Audio Visual your business is always remembered long after the technicians have left. All our new systems are completed with individual “Rack ID” numbers. This help with future trouble shooting and should the system need servicing we can see how your system was already installed before we even get to the site. Saving you time and money.

Quality sustained until the very end
On every new system complete, Bendigo Audio Visual also includes an As Built wiring plan for you. This enables future fault finding a lot easier and shows exactly what you have in front of you, even if its neatly hidden away!

Should the system not work as it was when commissioned or if you require to upgrade or make changes, wiring diagrams become very important and could save you a lot of time and money in the future.

All User manuals and instructions from your system are binded in a folder and are also included in CD form for your future reference.

Knowing where to Start
Now that you have seen some of the little extras that can help make a big difference in who to choose for your next Audio Visual System Installation. Please contact us to arrange a time for us to come to you to discuss your needs and requirements. We are only happy to assist. Call today on 1300 987 738.

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Bendigo Audio Visual Installation Technician installing Speaker.

Bendigo Audio Visual Rack ID system.

Bendigo Audio Visual - Completing Your Vision

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